Young girls are among the most vulnerable in the City of God, and we felt that skill training could offer an opportunity for capacity building. In 2007 we started a pilot project with few girls and in 2008 we announced our offer of training in beads weaving (making rosaries, key holders, bracelets, bangles …).

The first day saw a memorable fight among the girls, between sex workers and non, both wanting to be the sole beneficiaries of the project; going ahead the target for the training became pregnant girls and girls with babies, people vulnerable because of the difficulty to find a daily income.

Going on we felt the need to continue adding more human and management formation and skill training in other areas, and getting more helpers; Henrietta, a volunteer from St Francis of Assisi Rectorate, Awoshie-Anyaa, after completed the University managed the project for one year (2011). Sr Eugenia Paidoo, HHCJ, with the help of Sr Justine first and now Sr Jacinta, has been coming to meet the girls and offer counselling and human formation; last year the nurses who volunteered for our Health Programme also helped in offering counselling and health service.

The duration of the training varies according to the situation of the girls, the average is one year; but, as for all our activities, there is a great mobility. The timetable is Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 3.00pm. The students get a daily bonus on every item they produce, but the school saves what is above 4.00GHC as a capital for the trainee given on completion of the course. The revenue of the project is the selling of the items produced. And more and more people are helping in procuring market. In this, since 2012, a great help has been offered by Teresians International.